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Harmful Effects Due to Vitamin D Deficiency

Let's discuss harmful effects of vitamin D deficiency provided in Urdu here. We have highlighted major health problems caused due to lack of D vitamins in the human body.

Vitamin D is critical for our health. We must visit our physio for vitamin D checkup and advice accordingly. As deficiency of vitamin D is a common problem in the society, family guardians must take care of whole family regarding this.

Vitamin D can cause severe health problems such as weakness of bones, excessive sweating, depression, muscle pain and swift fall of scalp hair. One can get clue about it's deficiency by observing the said symptoms and diseases.

Following are the major vitamin D deficiency symptoms and diseases in Urdu.

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Egg Use for Hair in Growth in Urdu

Today we are going to reveal an amazing use of eggs for hair growth especially for girls. Egg is laden with heavy amount of proteins and vitamins. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins are very helpful to achieve long, beautiful and shiny hairs.
KFoods.com is telling how to apply egg on hair for dandruff and other problems. So girls, read this useful article and get on the right path to succeed for healthy hairs.

Following is the method to use eggs for hair growth in Urdu.

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Tooth Decay Treatment with Eggshells

Daant Mein Keeda in Urdu Ilaj

Many of us face tooth decay problem in our life (Daant Mein Keeda in Urdu Treatment). Today we would tell you how to get rid of tooth worm with a very effective and helpful remedy. The main thing in the trick is eggshells. We have provided a complete method to make this eggshells tooth paste to remove decay from the teeth.

According to a health expert from Hungary has found that egg shells are a major source of calcium. According to his research, egg shells can be effectively used to remove teeth worm and cavities.

Here are the more details. (Dant Mein Keeda in Urdu Ilaj).

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Rice Water Benefits in Urdu

Here are 4 extra-ordinary benefits of rice water in Urdu brought to you by KFoods.com. These benefits relate to your face and skin beauty and I would like special attention of girls on this.

Usually we drain out the rice water into the water ducts of our home. Why? because we never knew how beneficial rice water for skin is.

Let's elaborate how rice water can benefit us:

  • Skin Fairness
  • Pimples and Acnes
  • As Hair Conditioner
  • Eczema

Following are the beauty uses of rice water in Urdu.

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Health Benefits of Eating Food on Floor

There are really amazing benefits of eating food on floor. People usually eat on dining table. It improves the posture, strengthens the heart by improving the blood circulation, helps you control weight and allows you to live a long healthy life. Yet there are many benefits of eating this way that we have discussed below in this article.

Many cultures of the world teach eating on the floor. Japanese sit on the floor to eat and they are healthiest on the planet. They live long even 100 plus years.

Carry reading on and decide if you are gonna adopt the culture of eating on the floor.

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8 Foods to Avoid While Weight Loss

There are some foods to avoid while weight loss expedition. If you are on it, you must know what to eat and what you must not.

While you want to burn your fats, reduce your tummy and burn calories, you have to be careful about lots of things. You have to control your food desires and cravings, care about your diet and take special care of the daily calories you are taking. KFoods.com is presenting a list of foods not to eat while you are on a weight loss campaign.

Following are 8 foods to avoid when dieting and exercising.

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Stop Eating 10 Foods That Make You Age Faster & Look Older

Today we are going to reveal 10 foods that make you age faster in terms of health as well as in appearance. Below you would find about foods to avoid eating, if you want to live healthy for long.

Do you look more aged than what you actually are?
If you want to keep yourself from such scenario, you would have to bring changes to your everyday foods. We unknowingly are eating foods which work as slow poison to us. They make us age faster, weaken us and look older before age.

Foods that accelerate aging are very common in everyday living. Margarine, fried foods, potato chips etc. are the things we are eating almost every other day.

Below are the foods that make us age faster described in Urdu.

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Brush Teeth with Lukewarm Water - Dental Experts

Do you know about the benefits of brushing teeth with warm water? Then carry on reading.

According to dental expert Dr. Richard Marques that we should use lukewarm water while brushing the teeth. More according to the research, there is a deep correlation between the health of mouth and our body. Having germs in mouth would also lead to a bad overall health.

Dr. Richard further have provided some tips about brushing the teeth.

While brushing teeth, wash your toothbrush with lukewarm water. Washing brush with cold water would make it hard which will be harmful for the teeth.

Read further about the advantages of brushing teeth with lukewarm water in Urdu below.

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Homemade Weight Loss Green Tea Recipe

Looking for losing some weight? Get here a homemade recipe for weight loss green tea. Drinking diet tea has always been an effective option toward your journey of weight loss. There are different recipes for tea for losing weight however the one we've brought to you today is a special one.

Look at the ingredients of the tea. It contains carom seeds, fennel seeds, green tea, ginger and cardamom. All these are known herbs and seeds that majorly help for fat loss.

So find its recipe and see how to make this special tea.

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Remove Moles from Face Yourself

Figure out the easiest way about how to remove black moles from face naturally. Often black and brown moles grow on the face as an unwanted thing. If it were just one mole or two, it would be considered as a sign of beauty. But what to do if it is spread across the face. It will not only look awkward but also keep you frustrated.

Let's explore how to remove flat moles from face.

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